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Brown Base | Coffee Mocha in-between Tape-in | 18" inches Hair Extension

Brown Base | Coffee Mocha in-between Tape-in | 18" inches Hair Extension

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Brown Base with mocha and coffee combination highlight,

Balayage hair Human Hair Tape in Straight hair Coloured;

Semi and Demi color Healthy high-quality real hair,

No split end,

reusable/washable Reliable adhesive tape Available for 18”

only Cutting for shorter length is available by request

Easy to tape-in and easy to removed

Comes with 6 Adhesive tape FREE 


Removing Tape in Extension:

Spray end taped with water or alcohol then gently removed adhesives tape clean sticky part with a towel dry then add new adhesive tape.

Make sure when removing the extension clean it right away and tape in right away so you don’t mix up all extensions.

When adding new tape make sure you’re adding on the side with adhesive on it.

Please feel free to message us for more details. How to take care of hair extension

Wash hair 2 times a week with gentle shampoo and conditioner of your choice.

Apply a decent amount of Shampoo on top of the hair then gently massage flip hair down then gently scrub when rinsing adjust the water pressure same procedure for conditioner.

When using purple shampoo mix purple shampoo and water in a bucket and mix evenly place your hair on the bucket then gently wash this way you are not putting purple shampoo directly to hair that may cause discoloration.

Same procedure for conditioner. Adjust your shower pressure when rinsing then gently towel dry preferred air-dry for about 50% then style.


We are selling a high quality Hair Extension caring them is individual responsibility. Please do a more research.


Return Policy

Due to COVID-19 and the type of product we sell we are unable to accept returns or exchange at this time. If you are not satisfied with your purchase please email us at Each order is inspected and quality checked before being shipped out. 

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