Sprychic and D’manila hair by Norma is a joint website owns by Norma Mascarinas from Manila, Philippines and now residing in Alberta,Canada. 

Sprychic sell hair and beauty product local and international and D'manila hair by Norma is a home base salon offer many hair services.

Norma's Hair Passion;

Yr 2016 when she started her passion in hair industry under Eveline Charles International Academy Edmonton. She practice her journeyman as hair stylish in the salon while working in corporate world at the same time.

After almost 7 yrs Norma finally open the D' manila  by Norma please check her FB page at https://www.facebook.com/DManilaHair

Norma specialized in hair treatment / rebounding and keratin services from David Salon Makati Philippines and continue her education by taking online classes.

Mission and vision;

Norma is solo entrepreneur supporting people with disability as she have a turner syndrome sister under her care and as a part of her mission.

Sprychic mission and vision is very simple - to be a part of a growing independent women in Canada or around the world and be heard with her tiny voice of encouragement to everyone that nothing is impossible in this world. Just believed!

We live every single day and will die once, so each day make it worth to live!.


Thank you,

Sprychic & D'manila hair by Norma